Steve Drew is an Australian Visual Effects Supervisor based out of New York City with 25 years of experience in post production.

Since joining Framestore in 2015, Drew has overseen many commercial, episodic and virtual reality projects. He has received a number of awards for both his supervision and compositing. Most noteworthy being a VES Award for Best Compositing (Apple’s HomePod short ‘Welcome Home’, directed by Spike Jonze) where Drew was Lead Compositor and, as co Visual Effects Supervisor, the ADC Black Cube for Best of Show (visual effects craft) for Oscar Hudson’s charmingly surreal `Bounce`. See the awards page for more info.

Apple’s ‘Welcome Home’ HomePod commercial, by Spike Jonze. Practical FX and digital VFX, living in harmony.

Before moving to the USA, Drew was a Compositor at Iloura, where he worked on more than a dozen feature films including Mad Max: Fury Road which was nominated for an Oscar for its Visual Effects at the 2016 Academy Awards.

Prior to his career in VFX, Drew was a Film Editor, earning multiple awards for his work in Advertising and Television which spanned Australia, UK and Japan.  He was also Post Supervisor and Managing Director of First Light Digital, a boutique post facility, in his home town of Perth, Australia.

He holds a Diploma of Art & Design, Film & Television (1995-1997) and is an active voting member of both the Visual Effects Society (VES), and of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA).  He has given talks on the integration and production of Visual Effects in 360 and, in his spare time, he enjoys cycling, cracking bad jokes, watching horror films and reminiscing about the glory days of practical effects work.

The 17th annual VES Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, February 5, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. 
Left to right: Michael Ralla, Steve Drew, Peter Timberlake.

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